Modification of the engine control computer program. 


We know exactly how to get more power of your engine.

We have been dealing with chiptuning since 2005.

Your engine is safe and You decide on the scope of the introduced changes.

We will use 100% of your engine’s potential.

We will reduce fuel consumption.

Up to 40% increase in power depending on the engine.
We will increase the dynamics by 25%.


DPF/FAP, AdBlue-SRC-UREA, EGR, SAP, Intake Swirl flaps,
Hot Start, DTC, MAF, Immo, TVA, Pops&Bangs

· We can program 99% of engine controllers in regular cars, vans and trucks.

· We program controllers via the OBD2 connector, directly under the controller pins and
by opening the computer drivers.

· There are many devices and programmers available.

· Due to many years of experience, we have extensive service facilities.


The eco-tuning modifications consist of an electronic modification of the engine control software.

We can improve the torque,  as a result – will be better performance and driving economy.

Engine tuning allows to significantly reduce fuel costs with professionally performed service doesn’t increase emission of an exhaust.

After the eco-tuning modifications, we get better performance and lower fuel consumption.

At the same time we maintain environmental parameters, which have recently been put under a lot of emphasis in the automotive industry.